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Mining the Social Web

Mining the Social Web

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Maryam Ramezani Using Data Mining for Facilitating User Contributions in the Social Semantic Web

Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation from the year 2011 in the subject Computer Science - Internet, New Technologies, grade: 1,0, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), language: English, abstract: Social Web applications have emerged as powerful applications for Internet users allowing them to freely contribute to the Web content, organize and share information, and utilize the collective knowledge of others for discovering new topics, resources and newfriends. While social Web applications such as social tagging systems have many benefits, they also present several challenges due to their open and adaptive nature. The amount of user generated data can be extremely large and since there is not any controlled vocabulary or hierarchy, it can be very difficult for users to find the information that is of their interest.In addition, attackers may attempt to distort the system's adaptive behavior by inserting erroneous or misleading annotations, thus altering the way in which information is presented to legitimate users. This thesis utilizes data mining and machine learning techniques to address these problems. In particular, we design and develop recommender systems to aid the user in contributing to the Social Semantic Web. In addition, we study intelligent techniques tocombat attacks against social tagging systems. In our work, we first propose a framework that maps domain properties to recommendation technologies. This framework provides a systematic approach to find the appr...

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Kanhaiya Lal Semantic Web Based Data Cloud

Data mining is a treatment process to extract useful and interesting knowledge from large amount of data. The knowledge modes data mining discovered have a variety of different types. The common patterns are: association mode, classification model, class model, sequence pattern and so on. Mining association rules is one of the most important aspects in data mining. Association rules are dependency rules which predict occurrence of an item based on occurrences of other items. The process of building the Semantic Web is currently an area of high activity. Its structure has to be defined, and this structure then has to be filled with life. Cloud computing is a highly touted recent phenomenon. The cloud may move data or computation to improve responsiveness. Some clouds monitor their offerings for malicious activity Visualization. Hardware resources in clouds are usually Virtual; they are shared by multiple users to improve efficiency. This book deals technique of association rules mining in semantic web based data cloud. KEY FEATURES: Explains the basic knowledge of cloud computing, Data & web mining. Provides Concept of Association rules & Algorithm for mining Association Rules.

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El Amir Eman Web Services Approach for GeoSpatial Data Mining

Geospatial Data Mining describes the combination of two key market intelligence software tools: Geographical Information Systems and Data Mining Systems. GIS and Data Mining are naturally synergistic technologies that can be synthesized to produce powerful market insight from a sea of disparate data. This book describes a research that developed a Spatial Data Mining Web Service. It integrates state of the art Geographic Information Systems and Data Mining Systems functionality in an open, highly extensible, internet-enabled plug-in architecture. within the book you will learn that one analysis can often lead into others, parameters for tools may change, criteria for analyses can evolve, or you may want to perform additional visual analysis on the results to make them more meaningful or easier to interpret.

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Nishant Baxi Social Bookmarking Success

The social bookmarking tool has a fairly critical impact in the web 2.0 platform. Being a piece of a web based bookmarking administration, For Example, burrow or reddit Enables the person to bookmark while surfing the web. The particular bookmarking booklet would have been the book of the moment.

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Giudici Paolo Applied Data Mining for Business and Industry

The increasing availability of data in our current, information overloaded society has led to the need for valid tools for its modelling and analysis. Data mining and applied statistical methods are the appropriate tools to extract knowledge from such data. This book provides an accessible introduction to data mining methods in a consistent and application oriented statistical framework, using case studies drawn from real industry projects and highlighting the use of data mining methods in a variety of business applications. Introduces data mining methods and applications. Covers classical and Bayesian multivariate statistical methodology as well as machine learning and computational data mining methods. Includes many recent developments such as association and sequence rules, graphical Markov models, lifetime value modelling, credit risk, operational risk and web mining. Features detailed case studies based on applied projects within industry. Incorporates discussion of data mining software, with case studies analysed using R. Is accessible to anyone with a basic knowledge of statistics or data analysis. Includes an extensive bibliography and pointers to further reading within the text. Applied Data Mining for Business and Industry, 2nd edition is aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students of data mining, applied statistics, database management, computer science and economics. The case studies will provide guidance to professionals working in industry on projects involving large volumes of data, such as customer relationship management, web design, risk management, marketing, economics and finance.

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И. Холод Анализ данных и процессов

Излагаются основные направления в области разработки корпоративных систем: организация хранилищ данных, оперативный (OLAP) и интеллектуальный (Data Mining) анализ данных. В третьем издании по сравнению со вторым, выходившем под названием «Технологии анализа данных: Data Mining, Text Mining, Visual Mining, OLAP», добавлены визуальный (Visual Mining) и текстовый (Text Mining) анализ данных, анализ процессов (Process Mining), анализ Web-ресурсов (Web mining) и анализ в режиме реального времени (Real-Time Data Mining). Приведено описание методов и алгоритмов решения основных задач анализа: классификации, кластеризации и др. Описание идеи каждого метода дополняется конкретным примером его использования. Для студентов, инженеров и специалистов в области анализа данных и процессов. (Компакт-диск прилагается только к печатному изданию.)

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Iska Mira Beisswenger Konsumraume Und Kaufentscheidungen. Zur Bedeutung Des Social Web

Die vorliegende Arbeit hat die Analyse der Wirkung des Social Web auf das Konsumenten- und Kaufverhalten sowie die Entwicklung der Konsumräume durch Web 2.0-Anwendungen zum Gegenstand. Hierbei wird einerseits auf die veränderten Konsumräume wie das Social Shopping und das Social Web als Kaufbegleiter im stationären Handel eingegangen. Andererseits wird der Wandel des Konsum- bzw. Kaufverhaltens anhand einer aktuellen Machtverschiebung der klassischen Medien, der Viralität und Interaktion, sowie der Individualisierungstendenzen im Social Web beschrieben. Abgerundet wird die Arbeit mit einem zusammenfassenden Fazit und einem Zukunftsausblick, den das Thema bietet.

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Monica Patrut and Bogdan Web 2.0 in Education Politics

This book provides the latest research on social media use in education and politics. The book is essential for researchers in the fields of e-learning, educational science, ICT, and communication studies. Some chapters are about Moodle or Twitter in classes. Other topics are: Facebook in electoral campaign, efficient cooperation-procedures in web-based training, social media in teacher education, computer mediated social interactions in the educational groups, social media impact on learning. The problems of ACTA, SOPA and PIPA are also discussed.

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Jeeva Jose, P. Sojan Lal Gaining Insight into User and Search Engine Behaviour by Analyzing Web Logs

Web Usage Mining, also known as Web Log Mining, is the result of user interaction with a Web server including Web logs, click streams and database transaction or the visits of search engine crawlers at a Website. Log files provide immense source of information about the behavior of users as well as search engine crawlers. Web Usage Mining concerns usage of common browsing patterns i.e. pages requested in sequence from Web logs. These patterns can be utilized to enhance the design and modification of a Website. Analyzing and discovering user behavior is helpful for understanding what online information users inquire and how they behave. The analyzed result can be used in intelligent online applications, refining Websites, improving search accuracy when seeking information and lead decision makers towards better decisions in changing markets like putting advertisements in ideal places. Similarly, the crawlers or spiders are accessing the Websites to index new and updated pages. These traces help to analyze the behavior of search engine crawlers.The log files are unstructured files and of huge size. These files need to be extracted and pre-processed before any data mining functionality to follow. Pre-processing is done in unique ways for each application. Two pre-processing algorithms are proposed based on indiscernibility relations in rough set theory which generates Equivalence Classes. The first algorithm generates a pre-processed file with successful user requests while the ...

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Nascimento Leandro Marques do SMADL - The Social Machines Architecture Description Language

The term 'Social Machine' (SM) has been commonly used as a synonym for what is known as the programmable web or web 3.0, where several web-based systems make their APIs publicly available and establish connections with each other under several and complex restrictions. Some definitions of a Social Machine have already been provided and they basically support the notion of relationships between distributed entities. The type of relationship molds which services would be provided or required by each machine, and under which constraints. In order to deal with the complexity of this emerging web, we present a language that can describe networks of Social Machines, named SMADL - the Social Machine Architecture Description Language. In few words, SMADL is as a relationship-driven language which can be used to describe the interactions between any number of machines in a multitude of ways, as a means to represent real machines interacting in the real web, such as, Twitter running on top of Amazon AWS or mash-ups built upon Google Maps, and obviously, as a means to represent interactions with other social machines too.

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Simon Munzert Automated Data Collection with R. A Practical Guide to Web Scraping and Text Mining

A hands on guide to web scraping and text mining for both beginners and experienced users of R Introduces fundamental concepts of the main architecture of the web and databases and covers HTTP, HTML, XML, JSON, SQL. Provides basic techniques to query web documents and data sets (XPath and regular expressions). An extensive set of exercises are presented to guide the reader through each technique. Explores both supervised and unsupervised techniques as well as advanced techniques such as data scraping and text management. Case studies are featured throughout along with examples for each technique presented. R code and solutions to exercises featured in the book are provided on a supporting website.

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14 Best Indian miniatures images | Indian art, Lord shiva, Miniatures

Explore ANTONIA CHETWYND's board "Indian miniatures" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Indian art, Lord shiva and Miniatures.

'Despicable Me 2' Minions: 5 Things to Know | Hollywood ...

With Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me 2 now playing in theaters, here are five things to know about Gru’s loyal-yet-mischievous ...


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A History of the Portrait Miniature - Victoria and Albert Museum

Miniatures were first painted to decorate and illustrate hand-written books. ... A History of the Portrait Miniature. Portrait miniature of Charles V, Lucas Horenbout, ... Portrait miniatures and India.

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Indian Miniatures Paintings 16th 19th Century - AbeBooks

Indian miniatures and paintings from the 16th to the 19th century. The collection of Howard Hodgkin by Filippi, G.G. (ed.) and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com.

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Indian Miniatures: The Ehrenfeld Collection: Daniel J. Ehnbom ...

Books Advanced Search Today's Deals New Releases Amazon Charts Best Sellers & More The Globe & Mail Best Sellers New York Times Best Sellers Best Books of the Month Children's Books ...

Indian Miniatures - Late 19th Century Gouache, The Figures

A charming miniature gouache study showing a pair of figures before an ornately decorated doorway. Inscribed. On laid.

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Mughal painting - Wikipedia

Mughal painting is that particular style of South Asian painting which generally confines miniatures either as book illustrations or as single works to be kept in albums, which emerged from Persian miniature painting (itself largely of Chinese origin), with Indian Muslim, Hindu, Jain, and ...

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Indian Miniatures - The Delight of the Art Enthusiasts

The period after the 11th century marks the dawn of Indian Miniatures. Earlier such miniature paintings were made delicately and with great artistic skills on Palm Leaves.

indian miniatures | Download eBook pdf, epub, tuebl, mobi

indian miniatures Download indian miniatures or read online books in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, and Mobi Format. Click Download or Read Online button to get indian miniatures book now.

Indian Miniatures: The Library of A. Chester Beatty: Amazon.co.uk: Sir ...

Buy Indian Miniatures: The Library of A. Chester Beatty by Sir Thomas W. Arnold, J.V.S. Wilkinson, S. P. Verma (ISBN: 9788173053443) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Indian Miniatures: The Ehrenfeld Collection | Daniel J. Ehnbom | First ...

Indian Miniatures: The Ehrenfeld Collection. New York: Hudson Hills Press in association with the American Federation of Arts, 1985. First Edition.

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Шереметев Парк Отель - гостиница в Иваново (4 звезды). Центр города, охраняемая стоянка. Ресторан европейской кухни.

Indian Miniatures: The Ehrenfeld Collection by Daniel J. Ehnbom

Indian Miniatures has 1 rating and 0 reviews: Published July 28th 1988 by Hudson Hills Press, 272 pages, Paperback

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Olivier Theyskens (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌɔlɪviər ˈtɛiskəns]) is a fashion designer who has worked with major design houses, including Rochas, Nina Ricci and Theory.

Mining the social web. Minions - Movie Review - Common Sense Media

Prequel is fun, with less peril than previous films. Read Common Sense Media's Minions review, age rating, and parents guide.


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Reviewed by Feng She For your safety and comfort, read carefully e-Books indian miniatures from the james ivory collection librarydoc24 PDF this Our Library Download File Free PDF Ebook.

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1855 Best Indian Miniatures images in 2019 | India art, India painting ...

1855 Best Indian Miniatures images in 2019 | India art, India painting ...

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ЖЕНЩИНЫ · Одежда · Рубашки, блузки, туники · Блузки · Рубашки · Платья · Мини · Миди · Макси · Футболки, топы · С короткими рукавами · С длинными ...

Ирина Шейк развлекается в Париже со Стеллой …

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Indian painting - Wikipedia

Indian paintings can be broadly classified as murals and miniatures. Murals are large works executed on the walls of solid structures, as in the Ajanta Caves and the Kailashnath temple.

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Indian miniatures: The Ehrenfeld collection [Daniel J Ehnbom] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

PDF Indian Miniatures: The Ehrenfeld Collection kindle Online free ...

http://mildnessebooks.site/pdf/?book=0933920083 Indian Miniatures: The Ehrenfeld Collection

Mini Minions – bakerella.com

Despicable Me 2 is coming out soon (July 3, that is) and I made these mini Minions for the movie release. I was super excited to be asked to make them ...

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Unparalleled Indian Miniatures | Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian ...

Distinguished art historian Sven Gahlin is also one of the greatest collectors of Indian miniature painting in the world. Following the highly successful sale of photographs from Mr. Gahlin's collection, the great collector returns to auction in London on 6 October. Comprising 160 exquisite ...

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Две половинки: самые успешные сестры и …

Не упомянуть, пожалуй, одних из самых востребованных сестер в мире будет просто модным ...

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Раджпутская живопись — Википедия

Между концом xvi и xix веками в разных княжествах Раджастана одновременно существовало сразу несколько живописных школ.

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Reverent, beautiful, timeless & lasting... Hayley Brown is both a professional painter, decorative artist and teacher of Indian Miniature painting working mainly in Egg Tempera, opaque Watercolours and in Oil.

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Indian Miniatures: The Ehrenfeld Collection - divinebooks.us

ISBN 10 : 9781606065525 ISBN 13 : 1606065521. This sumptuously illustrated volume examines the impact of Indian art and culture on Rembrandt (1606-1669) in the late 1650s.

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Jan 28, 2019- Explore India Dunnington's board "Indian Miniatures" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about India art, Indian art and Indian artwork.

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Title: Indian Miniatures: Volume 3: Life at Court . Author Name: Susan Gole (Art Editor) Categories: Painting, India, Art & Art History, Edition: First Edition

Girl Genius

Girl Genius is written by Professors Phil & Kaja Foglio of TPU, with drawings by Prof. P. Foglio. Volume One was inked by Brian Snoddy. Volumes Two and Three were ...

Тюльпан — Википедия

словарь Фасмера Распространение [править | править код] Природный ареал рода Тюльпан состоит из обширного центрально-азиатского ядра, захватывающего на западе Балканский полуостров , на ...

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Indian miniatures: the Rajput painters. (Book, 1959) [WorldCat.org]

Get this from a library! Indian miniatures: the Rajput painters.. [Robert Reiff]

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Synecticsworld, a global innovation consulting firm, develops growth strategies, innovation training and breakthrough products and services.

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Prequel is fun, with less peril than previous films. Read Common Sense Media's Minions review, age rating, and parents guide.

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Indian Miniatures (The Library of A Chester Beatty)

From The Jacket This volume is devoted to the large collection of India miniatures executed over a period of three centuries from about AD 1550 until AD 1800. All these paintings were acquired by one of the great collectors of the worlds Sir Alfred Chester Beatty (1857-1968) and at present, are ...

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Wei Lun Chang Service Mining. Framework and Application

The shifting focus of service from the 1980s to 2000shas proved that IT not only lowers the cost of servicebut creates avenues to enhance and increase revenuethrough service. The new type of service, e-service,is mobile, flexible, interactive, and interchangeable.While service science provides an avenue for futureservice researches, the specific research areas fromthe IT perspective still need to be elaborated.This book introduces a novel concept-servicemining-to address several research areas fromtechnology, model, management, and applicationperspectives. Service mining is defined as "a systematicalprocess including service discovery, serviceexperience, service recovery, and service retentionto discover unique patterns and exceptionalvalues within the existing services."The goal of service mining is similar to data mining,text mining, or web mining, and aims to "detectsomething new" from the service pool. The majordifference is the feature of service is quite distinctfrom the mining target, like data or text.This book devises concepts of service mining andidentifies the possible applications. The author providesa roadmap of service mining to researchers,managers, and marketers in service sectors.

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Andrew McAfee Organizations Dont Tweet, People Do. A Managers Guide to the Social Web

Practical advice for managers on how the Web and social media can help them to do their jobs better Todays managers are faced with an increasing use of the Web and social platforms by their staff, their customers, and their competitors, but most arent sure quite what to do about it or how it all relates to them. Organizations Dont Tweet, People Do provides managers in all sorts of organizations, from governments to multinationals, with practical advice, insight and inspiration on how the Web and social tools can help them to do their jobs better. From strategy to corporate communication, team building to customer relations, this uniquely people-centric guide to social media in the workplace offers managers, at all levels, valuable insights into the networked world as it applies to their challenges as managers, and it outlines practical things they can do to make social media integral to the tone and tenor of their departments or organizational cultures. A long-overdue guide to social media that talks directly to people in the real world in which they work Grounded in the authors unparalleled experience consulting on social media, it features eye-opening accounts from some of the worlds most successful and powerful organizations Gives managers at all levels and in every type of organization the context and the confidence to make better decisions about the social web and its impact on them

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Thomas Fankhauser Super Social Everybody

The human is a social creature. So it doesn't surprise when we're able to observe social phenomena in human build technologies. The Web is such a technology but despite it's very present in our day to day life, many don't know how to deal with it. The challenge is to be social without a direct human counterpart as the communication channel doesn't provide instant feedback for all of our millions of years grounded senses. This book starts with the essential basics, explaining the whole evolutionary history of the web to have a profound basis to build on. Both sides, the technical and the human side are illuminated as they play hand in hand in the development of the expert- and average users. After this it focuses on the social web of today, explaining the term social itself and how social networks work and make money. The social influences and problems that are re- flected in the digital world are dealt with next. Finally the experiment to profile prospective employees of a company leads to quite surprising results, appealing to increase the awareness of digital responsibility and identity.

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Adam Franklin Web Marketing That Works. Confessions from the Trenches

Practical tips on using the web to boost your business, no matter what business youre in Everyone in business knows they need to embrace the web, but not everyone knows how to do it or where to start. No matter what industry youre in, the web offers efficiencies and solutions for sales, marketing and customer service, and many other business functions. For businesspeople, small business owners, and marketers, Web Marketing That Works offers proven tactics, road-tested by the authors, and easy-to-use templates for boosting your Google search rankings, using social media to build relationships, developing an effective online marketing strategy, mastering the art of inbound marketing, and much more. Features insider advice and proven tactics for small business owners and marketers who want to tap into the power of the web Covers web strategy, execution, content marketing, and social media Includes 33 free, downloadable templates Written by the founders of Bluewire Media, one of Australias top web marketing firms Every business, large or small, can benefit from the web. If youre not already using the web to boost your business, youre falling behind the competition. Web Marketing That Works shows you how to get ahead—starting right now.

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Chris Brogan Trust Agents. Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn

The New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller-now in a new, updated paperback edition Todays online influencers are Web natives who trade in trust, reputation, and relationships, using social media to accrue the influence that builds up or brings down businesses online. In Trust Agents, two social media veterans show you how to tap into the power of social networks to build your brands influence, reputation, and, of course, profits. In this revised paperback version, learn how businesses are using the latest online social tools to build networks of influence and how you can use those networks to positively impact your business. Combining high-level theory and practical actions, this guide delivers actionable steps and case studies that show how social media can positively impact your business. New edition features specific first moves for entering social media for small businesses, educators, travel and hospitality enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and corporations Authors both have a major presence on the social Web as well as years of online marketing and new media experience If you want your business to succeed, dont sit on the sidelines while new markets and channels grow. Instead, use the Web to build trust with your consumers using Trust Agents.

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Anna Grasmik Die Bedeutung des Social Web fur den Tourismus. Web-Anwendungen in der Tourismusbranche

Bachelorarbeit aus dem Jahr 2011 im Fachbereich BWL - Marketing, Unternehmenskommunikation, CRM, Marktforschung, Social Media, Note: 2,0, Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Diese Arbeit basiert auf einer Vielzahl an Literaturquellen und wissenschaftlichenFachbüchern. Hieraus werden unterschiedliche Ansichten sowie Lösungsansätze herausgearbeitetund in eine Verbindung mit dem Tourismus gebracht. Daneben werdenStatistiken und Analysen zur Nutzung des Internets im Bezug auf den Tourismus herangezogen.Diese helfen die aktuelle Bedeutung des Web 2.0 für die Tourismusbranchedarzulegen. Ausgewählte Best Practice Beispiele sollen die Anwendungsmöglichkeitendes Social Web verdeutlichen und klare Handlungsanweisungen fürTourismusanbieter erklären.An Hand der Aufsatzsammlung „Social Web im Tourismus: Strategien - Konzepte -Einsatzfelder" von Amersdorffer, Bauhuber, Egger und Oellrich werden einzelne Anwendungsfelderauf theoretische sowie auch praktische Weise aufgezeigt. Das Buchbehandelt neben grundsätzlichen Elementen des Web 2.0 auch praktische Anwendungendes Social Web im Tourismus, Fallstudien zur Anwendung von Web 2.0-Technologien im Tourismus, das Semantic Web wie auch den Kommunikationswandelim Internet mit seinen Folgen. Diese Lektüre gilt als Grundlage für die Lösung derProblemstellung dieser Arbeit. Daneben wird das Thema Social Media mit besonderemAugenmerk auf den Unternehmensbezug mithilfe des Buches „Social Media Marketing:Ma...

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Alexander Roggenkamp Social Community Sites as the Trend in Web 2.0. How to Beat Competition

Master's Thesis from the year 2009 in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, grade: 1,5, University of Applied Sciences Essen, language: English, abstract: Since a few years, many people talk about web 2.0 without knowing exactly what it is. It is not a new web standard, no new innovative product of Apple, no net movement or revolution. In fact, it is a paraphrase for the new active role of users. The technological progress makes it possible that users participate in internet actively. Their role changed from a watching to a creating one. New tools and features enabled users to generate content. With other new websites, social community websites came up using these new possibilities. By now, social communities like Facebook or studiVZ have millions of members. The huge acceptance on users' side made those websites a real trend in web 2.0. The huge number of users makes social communities to an interesting business. Experts say that social communities are not only a trend, but also an important business in future. Although there are already some established companies acting on the market for social communities, the market will see a lot of new social communities in the next years. There are only a few general social communities dividing up the market. And there are enough topics which are not occupied as yet. Only those social communities will beat the competition and will remain, which are able to gener...

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Ambati Venkata Krishna Prasad Mining for Web Based Business Intelligence Applications

Over the last few years, there has been a remarkable increase in use of World Wide Web (WWW) for a wide and variety of applications. The web plays a central role in e-commerce applications. As a consequence, there is a need to improve Intelligence of Web Engineering Applications in the context of Business and IT industry. To achieve this objective web engineering tasks must be able to identify some useful insights for business intelligence. The present research work attempts to initiate Business Intelligence from Web Based Applications. The issues of research work are uniformly accommodated in five chapters. In each chapter, the needs and techniques that are required to achieve objective of research work are well discussed.

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Larry Weber Marketing to the Social Web. How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business

Praise for Marketing to the Social Web «Weber understands that the world is going digital and that competitive advantage will accrue to those who understand the transformation. CEOs should heed this transformation and learn from Webers insights how to navigate this new landscape to fully maximize their business opportunities.» -Mark Fuller, Chairman, Monitor Group «Consumers are using technology to grab power from companies, the media, and the government. Marketing to the Social Web succinctly outlines how institutions can survive and win in this chaotic new world, and lays out the revised rules of engagement-ignore them at your peril.» -George F. Colony, CEO, Forrester Research, Inc. «Larry has brought pragmatic and useful recommendations to help brand builders manage the complexity of social interaction in a digital age. I was pleased to read a book that actually suggests how to do something with social networks, instead of just ponder them.» -David Kenny, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Digitas Inc. «Wheres the allure of social 2.0? Brands can talk . . . customers talk louder! Digital influence has arrived.» -Jeff Taylor, CEO, Eons and Founder of Monster.com «Larry Weber provides a simple and effective roadmap of the new customer information highway. Marketing to the Social Web is a valuable tool that will give everyone the confidence and know-how to compete in this fast-growing marketplace of ideas.» -Steve Harris, Vice President, Global Communications, General Motors Corporation «As all lines and boundaries are washed away by the Web, Weber describes how to become part of the sea versus the sand.» -Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman, One Laptop per Child

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Victor Rudenno The Mining Valuation Handbook. and Energy for Investors Management

The essential guide to investing in mining opportunities, now in its Fourth Edition A comprehensive guide to mining investment analysis designed for use by financial and mining analysts, executives, and investors, The Mining Valuation Handbook: Mining and Energy Valuation for Investors and Management has become an essential resource for assessing the value and investment potential of mining opportunities. Fully revised and updated, this fourth edition of the classic text provides new and up-to-date information to better explain the mysteries surrounding the resources industry. Written by Victor Rudenno, a leading global expert on mining investment analysis and consultant to mining companies, financial bodies, and governments, The Mining Valuation Handbook: Mining and Energy Valuation for Investors and Management, Fourth Edition covers a wide range of essential topics, including: feasibility studies, commodity values and forecasting, classification of resources and reserves, indicative capital and operating costs, valuation and pricing techniques, qualifying risk, the impact of exploration and expansion, and more. Fourth edition of the bestselling text on assessing mining investment opportunities Author Victor Rudenno is a respected global expert on mining investment analysis Key topics, including feasibility studies, valuation techniques, and risk qualification are covered in detail Packed with invaluable mining information for the financial industry and financial information for the mining industry, The Mining Valuation Handbook is the definitive guide to assessing and investing in mining opportunities.

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Riedel Madlen Social Web - Instrument zur Forderung der Nachhaltigkeit im Tourismus

Das Ziel dieser Diplomarbeit ist die Erforschung der These, ob soziale Medien im Internet, wie z.B. soziale Netzwerke, eine Möglichkeit darstellen können, die drei Aspekte der Nachhaltigkeit in der Tourismusbranche voranzutreiben. Dafür werden die verschiedenen Kommunikationsinstrumente des Social Web genauer auf ihren Nutzen hin untersucht, um anschließend Empfehlungen für die Kommunikation von Nachhaltigkeit im Social Web geben zu können.

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Albalate Amparo Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning. Novel Strategies

This book provides a detailed and up-to-date overview on classification and data mining methods. The first part is focused on supervised classification algorithms and their applications, including recent research on the combination of classifiers. The second part deals with unsupervised data mining and knowledge discovery, with special attention to text mining. Discovering the underlying structure on a data set has been a key research topic associated to unsupervised techniques with multiple applications and challenges, from web-content mining to the inference of cancer subtypes in genomic microarray data. Among those, the book focuses on a new application for dialog systems which can be thereby made adaptable and portable to different domains. Clustering evaluation metrics and new approaches, such as the ensembles of clustering algorithms, are also described.

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